16 March 2015

Despite having had a rainy weekend and a much similar week ahead of us, spring is upon us and my new passion: crochet, won't stop just because of that!

I finally found a solution how to finish all that vintage wool, which is still sitting in every possible place in the house and our garage!  I never liked crochet when I was a child and I do love knitting, but knitting is soo slow, compared to crochet.  I tried one hat and it was finished in two hours, amazing!

The first hat I lost to my friend who loves green and turquoise:

The second one my daughter snatched up, a lovely bonnet, made of vintage wool, which has a great vintage look to it:

Now I will try and make one for myself, while hoping our fierce winds will blow those clouds away, bring the sun back and we can have some more of that:

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