6 January 2015

Happy New year, lots of health and happiness!

This is my first post in the new year.  Despite having had lots of motivation what I could do and make, since I passed by la Poste yesterday spirits have dumped.  I guess it is all the same for the French crafters and artists, all those lovely vintage hunters who are lucky enough to send their treasures all over the world - once more the French administration is trying to kill us all.  This time with delivery costs mounting up to 300% their prices of 2014.

Never mind, I won't be creating things any more as no one will buy an item which has a delivery cost twice it's value.  I will sort out my wardrobe instead!

Today I shortened one of my favourte skirts, which length was slighly outdated.  It was sitting in my wardrobe, unworn! for over one year.  Today it will see the afternoon sun again!

The really sad thing about the greedy postal fees is that soo may things can not find a new owner.  I found a wonderful 70s coat last year, in my favourite colour, green, who will stay here in France now. 

Which, of course, is not the end of the world, but how many coats can a woman need?  Or want????

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