12 September 2014

I am in the middle of preparing my little girl's forth birthday party.  So far I got the dips ready, baked the cake and will get started on the icing soon.

Earlier this week I made already some flowers out of gum paste.  Of course they do not look great, especially since I do not roll the paste thin enough to avoid it flipping over etc, nor am I willing to invest in any more baking tools, since I do cakes twice a year (= two children).

However, I do like my flowers, so I thought I stick them on my blog.  I really did not do much, just rolling it flat and sticking it all somehow together.  Perfectly all right for a little girls birthday :-)

these are my favourites

those ones I made for the impatient sweet theeths who can not wait

like those ones - just for fun!

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