22 November 2013

another day another inspiration


I am a helpless creative addict.  Always have been and now, since my little daughter is getting older and would like new shoes and clothes every day - plus giving me new ideas constantly - I am busier than ever. I thought why not share my creations with people, who can benefit from it and find my creations inspirational....

I am a Mum of two young children and between school runs I am busy with my little etsy store and normal daily tasks.

Being an avid knitter for more than 30 years and only a sewing addict for one, you will find knitted creations as well as sewed items and possibly any weird little things I made with my kids.

Hopefully you'll find my blog inspirational !

Now I am off to make a tulle skirt for my daughter.  Bright pink of course!


Et voilà, 30mins later a new favourite of my daughter's wardrobe was created!  Really easy and fun to make.  Hopefully it will last a bit, as it is supposed to serve as petticoat underneath a princess dress at carneval, which I still have to make.....

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